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Jordan Manufacturing and Services Solutions (JMSS) were established in 2008 as an affiliate of (King Abdullah II for design and development (KADDB). JMSS mission is to refurbish, rebuild, develop, and modify medium and heavy vehicles (wheeled and tracked) and their components and systems. It also works to meet all fabrication requirements for various manufacturing sectors in terms of construction, manufacturing, forming metal structures and items, as well as providing private manufacturing solutions, and also providing after-sales maintenance for different customer products and requirements.



Vehicles Upgrade, Modification, and Integration


2 - Engine Repair
• Repair all types of engines, 4-cylider, 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder, and 12-cylinder. • Remanufactured as new with 12 months full warranty.
• Rebuild of Truck Frame Bogie, by removing the worn Hardox plates and filling the body cracks, within the technical standards and specifications required by the customer
1 . Heavy Maintenance for Rattle Vehicles
• Refurbishing the whole vehicle, replacing the main assemblies, fixing body bends, and painting • Refurbishing all electrical systems and maintaining all electronic units including the turret units.
• JMSS rehabilitated and refurbished two dredger boats used by Arab Potash Company to harvest & collect the Chloride Salts rehabilitated and refurbished
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Jordan Manufacturing and Services Solutions
P.O.Box 75, Dulail 13136, Jordan
Telephone : +962 (6) 625 6146

Fax : +962 (6) 625 6178
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